Monthly Archives: January 2018

Continual Development Programme in NTR Pvt. Ltd.

Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of continual development through different workshop, seminars etc. The company organized a workshop on GST  on 20th January, 2018  at the conference hall of NTR Pvt. Ltd. wherein Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. along with other employees of the organization…
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NTR Pvt. Ltd. participation in UP Road Show

Mr.Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Mr.Chandan Mukherjee, HOD (Marketing) and Mr.PinakiChakraborty, Sr. Executive (Marketing) of Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. participated in the Road Show of Uttar Pradesh Government in ITC Sonar Bangla held on 5th January, 2018. The show was organized by CII (ER). ShriSatish Mahana, Hon’ble Minister of Industrial Development, Govt. of Uttar…
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13th Annual Programme of NEOGI Group of Companies

13th Annual Programme of Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd., The South Point, Green View Energy and DhruvaPadaNeogi Charitable Trust was held on 30th December, 2017 in the factory premises. Mr.DhruvapadaNeogi, the mentor of Neogi Group, Mr. Samir Kumar Neogi, Managing Director, Mr.Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Mr.Sanjib Kumar Neogi, Director, Mr.SukantaNeogi, Director, NTR Pvt. Ltd. …
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