2nd Day Programme of Sharing of Experience of Lean Manufacturing Technique by NTR Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata organized a programme on Lean Manufacturing Technique for the Sr. Officials from different District Industries Centre of the State of West Bengal about the different tools and techniques of Lean Manufacturing Practices. The programme was of two days. Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. gave his presentation in the first day. On the second day, Mr. Sumon Mukhopadhyay recapitulated the proceedings of the previous day programme, held on 25th September, 2018. Prof. B Nag of IIM, Joka told about the theoretical aspect of Lean Manufacturing Technique. Mr. C R Maitra, Consultant on Lean Technique, on behalf of Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. talked on Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme and its perspective. He told about the process of Selecting the Projects, the process of making DSR, the process of making the 18 months schedule of the project, the process of capturing the results etc. Finally, Mr. Maitra presented four case studies showcasing the Cost Reduction of M/s. Fabricast, the Delivery Reliability of M/s. Precision Engineering, the Quality Improvement of M/s. Indowebal Surgical and the Plan Layout of M/s. The South Point achieved out of Lean Manufacturing Processes in Lean Manufacturing Cluster. Lastly, Mr. Goutam Bose shared the experience of NTR Pvt. Ltd.  The programme continued for about two hours with full attention of the participating officers.

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