5th Management Review Meeting of NTR Supplier Cluster, 2014

The presentation for different units in 5th Management Review Meeting were done by their respective representative. On behalf of The South Point, Shri Susital Misra and his team comprising of five members represented their Kaizen Project on re usage of salvage material in meter reconditioning body. The other notable Kaizens were related to change of process, change of material handling system, some were related to 5S and some regarding safety measures. This cluster approach has started giving intangible benefits in terms of togetherness, belongingness, sense of doing cost management, improvement in approach towards development of the organization. This sense of culture towards competitiveness has instigated the cluster members to participate whole heartedly in the programme which speaks for its continuation in the coming days also.

We are the manufacturer of Nozzle for Fuel Dispensing Pump (Manual & Auto Cut Off)


We are the supplier of Nozzle for Fuel Dispensing Pump (Manual & Auto Cut Off)

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