CII Industrial Innovation Awards, 2015

CII Industrial Innovation Award is the recognition and celebration of innovative Indian enterprises across industry segments. This premium awards recognize and honour the brightest stars of Indian Industry and identify and announce the top 25 Innovative Organizations in India. It was instituted by CII in 2014. The awarded company gets an opportunity to be known nationally and internationally for their product and services. As per CII report, CII Industrial Innovation Awards, 2015 was a grand success because of the high quality of applications, the huge no. of entries, the robustness and thoroughness of the evaluation process.In the regular category, we had to compete among 150 entries out of which the jury selected top 25 most innovative companies. The weightage percentage allotted to the evaluation criteria were – 40% to innovation, 40% to impact and the rest 20% to innovation frame work. Neogi Technologies And Research Private Limited was one of the top 25 innovative companies for the year 2015.The Jury Board consisted of Indian and International experts from IIT, Bombay, Khargapur, Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Indian Space Research Organization, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, Indian Institute of Science, MIT India. The award was given by the Chairman, Infosys to Shri Samir Kumar Neogi, Managing Director, Neogi Technologies And Research Private Limited. This award has added a further feather in the helm of Neogi Technologies And Research Private Limited.


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