Indo German Business Relationship – NTR Pvt. Ltd. participation

Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. joined the discussion on Indo German Business Relationship- Our Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities organized by Srita Heide Int. in association with Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Prof. Saibal Chattopadhyay, Director, IIM Calcutta welcomed all in the session. Mr. Juergen Thomas Schrod, Dy. Consul General, Federal Republic of Germany mentioned about the long term diplomatic relationship in between India and Germany. He highly praised about the hospitality of Kolkata and expected a lot of output in the forthcoming visit of the Chief Minister and the Finance Minister of West Bengal to Germany. Ms. Srita Heide briefed about the scenario of Indian business and German one. She also mentioned about the cultural differences between India and Germany. She requested Indian Business houses to adopt the working culture of Germans in Indian perspective. Prof. Sushil Khanna of IIM, Calcutta told that the German share in Indian import is declining while China is increasing manifold day by day. Ms. Shabina Pandey, Regional Director, Indo German Chamber of Commerce also told about the prospect of business in India as well as in Germany. There was presentation on behalf of the students of IIM Calcutta also. In the question answer session, a lot of questions came up with respect to the policies of the State Govt.  in the field of land, skill development, Industry academia relationship, single window facility etc. Mr. Kamal Kant, Executive Director, WBIDC tried to answer the questions and finally told to hope for a better tomorrow.

We are the Manufacturer of Electronic Flow Meter for Bio Diesel Dispensing Pump


We are the Supplier of Electronic Flow Meter for Bio Diesel Dispensing Pump

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