Interaction with Hon’ble Minister, Shri Piyush Goyal


Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. joined the Interaction Session with Shri Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Minister for Commerce & Industry and Railways, Govt. of India on 13th February, 2020 at Taj Terrace, Kolkata organized by all Trade Associations. Mr. Goyal in his address mentioned about the thrust given on the export of MSME manufactured products by the Govt. of India and advised the MSME units to take the full advantage of the same.  He also told that the MSME units because of their stature cannot have the access of the ministers of the Govt. to find out their solution and hence advised Mr. Babul Supriya, Hon’ble Minister of State, Govt. of India to be in touch with the MSME units regularly to hear their voices. The session ended with a happy note.

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of PTO operated Mobile Dispensing Unit

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Shear Valve

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Auto Cut Off Nozzle

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Pressure Vacuum Valve


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