Is Manufacturing really a driver of National Growth

CII organized a debate “Is Manufacturing really a driver of National Growth” on 5th August, 2016 at CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership. Mr. Tarun Sen and Mr. Pinaki Chakraborty joined the session on behalf of Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Smita Pandit Chakraborty, Chairperson, CII Eastern Region Manufacturing Quality & Technology Sub Committee was the moderator of the session. The panellists were the mix of industry, chartered farm, Association and educationist etc. The panellists explained the importance of manufacturing industry in the economic growth of the country from their angle. Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, German Engineering Federation and Dr. Suman Mukherjee, the noted Economist were very critical in adjudging the role of the Govt. for the promotion of manufacturing business. At the request of  Mr. Pinaki Chakraborty,  Dr. Mukherjee gave his ideas on Ease of Doing Business. He felt that some more efforts to be given on paying the taxes easier. He also advised to follow the Lean & Green technique to make the business sustainable in this competitive market. There were a lot of engineering students who joined the session.

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