Management Review Meeting NTR Supplier Cluster

  • The cluster activities of Neogi Technologies and Research Private Limited started in the year 2010
  • Different corrective measures with respect to Kaizen and 5S were adopted therein
  • The benefit availed of the cluster activities can be summarized as  Investment for the Cluster  -  Rs.27 Lac  Benefit achieved  after 1st MRM- Rs.50 Lac
  • To grow and sustain in the ever increasing competitive market, the area of concentration was increase of Productivity, finding of more working space in the work shop, continuous up gradation of quality of products, continuous value addition to the product etc.
  • NTR Supplier Cluster, 2014 started on 15th April, 2015 which is of 18 months duration
  • The 3rd  MRM was held on 4th January, 2016
  • CEO’s meeting for 4th MRM will be held on 15th April, 2016


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