MFCA Training Programme – Anchor Faculty-Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa – 2nd Day

The second day of the Training Programme started with a happy note. Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa, the Anchor Faculty described some salient points about MFCA. He urged the participating units to study Inputs, Products, Material Losses and Inventories from which the material loss about which we are having the least information can be calculated. He also stressed on the importance in defining the boundaries and quantity centre for the purpose of calculating the material loss. After this, Mr. Hiroshi visited the shop floor of NTR Pvt. Ltd. along with the participating units. He was very much pleased with the shop floor activities. Thereafter he assigned task in all the four tables for Evaluation of Process in Physical Term in case of Meter Body Unit and Register Unit. All the four groups completed the task and presented their case study individually. The session was very interactive and interesting too.

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We are the Supplier of Auto Cut Off Nozzle for Fuel Dispensing Unit in India

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