NTR Pvt. Ltd. joining the session “Doing Business with France”

Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. joined the Interaction with His Excellence Mr. Alexandre Ziegler, the Ambassador of France to India for Doing Business with France. Mr. Umesh Chowdhury on behalf of CII, Eastern Region gave the welcome address and gave a brief outline of India - France business relationship. Mr. Alexandre Ziegler, gave PPT presentation on Doing Business with France wherein he touched upon the strong relationship and strategic partnership of France with India. He also told that France does not look India as a market but as a partner. He told about the presence of major big industries in India and the potential of different business sectors like solar energy, agro food industry, civil construction, defence sector in the coming days.

During interactive session, the scope of Indian SMEs for doing business in France came up and some sector specific questions were answered. The media personnel wanted to know the future plan of France to invest in West Bengal. The effect of safety and security of social environment with respect to business in France also came up. The session was very interesting.

We are the Manufacturer of Electronic Flow Meter for Bio Diesel Dispensing Pump in India


We are the Supplier of Electronic Flow Meter for Bio Diesel Dispensing Pump in India

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