NTR Pvt. Ltd. – Leadership Debate 2016

Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. joined the session on Leadership Debate 2016 on “Disruptive Leadership is only a Myth” organized by Confederation of Indian Industry in Suresh Neotia Centre for Excellence. Dr. Rupali Basu Vice Chairperson, CII west Bengal introduced the speakers.

Mr. Harshvardhan Neotia, Chairman Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence gave the introductory speech. The debaters for the motion were Mr. Jawhar Sircar, Mr. P.R.Ramesh, Prof. Anuradha Lohia, Prof. Dr. Sugata Bose and against the motion were Mr. B.J.Panda, Rear Admiral A.K.Verma, Mr. Jaydeep Mukherjee, Mr. Roopen Roy. The debate was very interactive and lively. All the speakers put on their points very lucidly.

Both  the houses expressed their view points for and against the motion. The house speaking against the Motion ultimately won the debate.

We are the Manufacturer of Mobile Dispensing Unit (Battery & PTO operated)

We are the Supplier of Mobile Dispensing Unit (Battery & PTO operated)


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