NTR Pvt. Ltd. participation in CII Business Mission

Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. joined the team of Confederation of Indian Industry (ER) to visit Tata Timken Ltd. & Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd. on 23.10.19. Mr. Goutam Basu and Mr. Subhojit Neogi were in NTR team. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with 14.0. NTR team observed a lot of interesting things of which the notables are as follows:

  1. Objectives of the Company being displayed at the Gate of the factory
  2. Control and visualisation of Production System from a specific point
  3. System development to control five machines at a time by a single person
  4. SMED is much below the standard norms
  5. Hazardous waste originated from production process is used at Cement Plant as raw material

It was also observed that 1.5 M.W solar panel installed on the roof of one of the factory is being used to reduce the energy cost. The visit helped NTR team to learn a number of things for sustainable development.

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Mobile Fuel Dispenser

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Pressure Vacuum Valve

NTR Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Auto Cut Off Nozzle

NTR Pvt. Ltd. has been rated as the Highest MSE by CRISIL

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