Post Covid – 19 situation

The COVID-19 has greatly shaken the Economic prospect of India and the entire world.
To deal with this situation, Mr Christopher Doyle, an expert, of  TenX Growth Seminars, shared his own experience and put up a few simple strategies  which he believes will help business not only to survive but also  grow in the next twelve months after   COVID-19   disaster. To cope up with the present situation, Mr Christopher has set out a few points, step by step, that every business can start immediately and expect to survive the economic crisis in the next two to three months and ensure recovery and growth after the crisis is over. Following are the points in brief:

  1. Organisation must plan depending upon   its own Core Competence
  2. Allied diversification /New Idea.
  3. Focused Goal: Look for opportunities
  4. Reframing and turning problem to opportunities
  5. Assign Probabilities to Assumptions
  6. Goal Setting Framework >Strategies Leaderships – The art of setting goals in a  Vision and Values-based   Framework >a) Strategic Plan > b) Initiatives > c)   Accountability> d) Evaluate And Iterate.
  7. Collaboration
  8. Innovation >Emerging Technology
  9. Communication with > Existing Customers > Probable Customers>Channel     Partners/ Suppliers >In-house Personnel
  10. Motivational Activities
  11. Skill Development > Futuristic Approach
  12. Follow ICE Model
  13. Use all Tools
  14. Proper Cash Flow Management /Fund Management/Cost Management
  15. Revenue Generation Initiative
  16. Importance to better Customer Relationship Management
  17. New Initiatives
  18. Publicizes Core Competence

19, Brand Building Initiative

  1. Market Research >Buyers behaviour>Changes in customer mind> Brand Loyalty >Competitors Products Positioning>How to get competitive advantage   in the new environment.


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