Report of 2nd Day Audit by NIMO team – NTR Suppliers’ Cluster, 2014

The 2nd Audit of NIMO team for NTR Suppliers’ Cluster, 2014 was conducted on 3rd October, 2016. The team was led by Mr. Manish Vinay, Asst. Dir. National Productivity Council along with Mr. C.R.Maitra, Lean Manufacturing Consultant and Mr. Goutam Basu on behalf of NTR Suppliers’ Cluster, 2014. The units visited were M/s. Precision Transmission Chain, M/s. Annapurna Centricast Pvt. Ltd. M/s. KGB Engineers, M/s. Fabricast Equipment and M/s. DVB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All the units did a lot of jobs on their related areas. The audit team was satisfied with overall performance of the units. The observations of the audit team was that the units are to do more jobs on safety and 5S.

We are the Manufacturer of PTO Operated Mobile Dispensing Unit


We are the Supplier of PTO Operated Mobile Dispensing Unit

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