Safety, Health & Environment Award (SHE) – NTR Pvt. Ltd. participation

Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. is adopting different measures in its manufacturing process with respect to the safety of its working place along with the working personnel, to develop the general health of the working people and moreover to keep a close vigil on the surrounding environments for quite a long time.  As a matter of fact, the process of Safety, Health and Environment has embedded in the system of the organization and is gradually being developed with the progress of time.

The company participated in SHE Award competition conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry in the last year and was awarded with 3 Star ratings for the year 2015-16. This year also we are going to take part in this competition and has targeted to have 5 Star rating. We are confidient enough to have the same


We are the Manufacturer/Supplier of Angular Check Valve for Petrol Pump Retail Outlet


Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. is an Innovation Driven Company

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