Seminar on Industry 4.0 – NTR Pvt. Ltd. participation

EEPC, INDIA organized a Seminar on Industry 4.0 on 8th August, Kolkata in its Kolkata office. Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Neogi Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd. along with Mr. Tarun Kumar Sen was present in the session. The most important effects of Industry 4.0 are the use of information technologies in production, services and integrated Technology in all departments, production of big data architecture and analysis of these data to meet sustainable growth in this competitive era. The" Industry 4.0" is a CONCEPT for Sustainability. This concept of Industry 4.0 is seen as a recent paradigm in the manufacturing sector. Industry 4.0 is a term for the so-called “4th Industrial Revolution” and means the technological integration of cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the production process. CPS enables (internet-based) ERP, networking with all departments in the value creation process. Mr. Purnendu Sinha, FIE, Tata Sons Group Technology& Innovation office, Dr. Surjya K Pal, Professor, IIT, Kharagpur, Dr. S.Savithri, Chief Scientist, CSIR-NIIST, Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, Dy. Director, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Dr. Mukhopadhyaa, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, `Dr. Nagahanumaiah, Director, CMTI were the speakers in the session.


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