Success Story of Neogi Technologies And Research


Inspired by the magnificent mission of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy’s boosting address to the Bengalee youths, Shri D.P. Neogi, our pioneer, started a business in as early as 1971, for repairing of Fuel Dispensing Pumps of the oil companies. But in course of his dynamic advancement as a “Service cum Solution Provider” to the oil companies, he felt the necessity of supplying quality spares within a minimum time which was lacked by the then overseas companies in one hand and local companies’ products were not upto the mark on the other. So he determined to plunge into manufacturing spares with innovative zeal and constant strive on R&D with the indigenous technology and materials with a view to saving foreign exchange serving national interest. The new journey set in and Neogi Technologies And Research Private Limited-NTR (formerly Moonlight Engineering Company) came to reality.

NTR has developed several new devices over the years which include the Register Unit working mechanically as well as electronically, Auto Cut Off Nozzle Assembly which has been appreciated by all Oil Companies. Other remarkable products are: Mobile Mini Dispensing Pump, Meter for Volumetric Measurement (Flow Meter), PV Valve (ATEX Certified, TUV NORD CERT,GmbH), Spares for Dispensing Pump and Camlock Coupling and most of the products are patented in India. The latest innovation is manufacturing of Equipment for Converting Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil.

Bent upon maintaining the equilibrium and sanctity of the environment, Moonlight has plunged into Green Manufacturing Venture.

NTR is specially distinguished among these for the following reasons:-

NTR is destined to promote the backward youths of the society by appointing them here and gradually educating them technically through inhouse training. Energetic and successful employees are awarded.

NTR arranges for Annual Get-together with its employees alongwith their family members where cultural competition is held. Performance of employees throughout the year is also recognized.

NTR has taken the initiative in operating a Govt. of India’s project “Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme” and formed a Mini Cluster.

Every year, NTR organized Medical Check-up & Blood donation camp for the poor people with the help of KPC Medical College and Hospital, Jadavpur, Kolkata.

As a result of continuous, sincere and systematic research, Moonlight has achieved many awards & recognitions like :-

  • CII Quality Award for consecutively 3 years (2003-04, 2004-05 & 2005-06).
  • National Award (2005) 1st in R&D.
  • AIMA- Dr. J. S. Juneja Award (2006) in Innovation & Creativity.
  • Commendation Certificate for significant achievement for CII Exim Bank Award towards Business Excellence for the year 2010, 2011 & 2012.
  • Rating certification by “CRISIL Ratings” (High Performance Capability).
  • ATEX Certification, 2011 by TUV NORD, Germany.
  • Achieved ten design/process Patents.

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