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Preparatory Meeting for Innovation Award, 2016

A whole day exercise was done on the preparation of CII Innovation Awards, 2016. Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, Neogi Technologies And Research Pvt. Ltd. along with Mr. C.R.Maitra, Mr. Goutam Basu and Mr. P.Venkateshan was present in the meeting. There was brain storming session with all the facts and figures for the purpose of…
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Training Programme on NTR Supplier Cluster, 2014

“The South Point” personnel had undergone a training programme on 17th May, 2016 under the guidance of Dr. Anjan Kr. Ghosh and Mr. C.R.Maitra. The training was related with NTR Supplier Cluster, 2014 for Inventory Management. Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, President NTR Supplier Cluster, 2014 was present in the programme. Shri Anil Ghosh and Shri…
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