Visit of Assessor in NTR Pvt. Ltd. for SHE Award, 2018

Mr. Bimal Mukhopadhyay, Assessor, CII (ER) Excellence Award in Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) visited the factory of NTR Pvt. Ltd. on 2nd July, 2018. Mr. Samir Kumar Neogi, Managing Director, Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi, Director, NTR Pvt. Ltd. welcomed him in the conference room.  NTR Pvt. Ltd. submitted all the documents On Line for this award and Mr. Mukhopadhyay’s visit was the follow up action for the same.  To start with, there was PPT presentation about the functioning of NTR Pvt. Ltd.

The second line of presentation was regarding Employees’ involvement in Safety Management, reporting of Near Miss by the working people in the shop floor, participation of top management in safety initiative and various other things related to the measures taken by NTR Pvt. Ltd. with respect to Safety, Health & Environment.

Mr. Mukhopadhyay also visited the shop floor after lunch and saw in detail the measures undertaken therein. After the day’s programme, there was interactive session with Mr. Mr. Mukhopadhyay and the team led by Mr. Sandip Kumar Neogi wherein he pointed out some areas which need extra attention. The visit was very effective from NTR Pvt. Ltd. development point of view.

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